2017 07

It's all about paying yourself first

Posted haphazardly by Matt on Saturday, July 01, 2017

You wouldn't be the first person to wonder about our idea of retiring at 45 (a mere 7.5 years away at the time of this article). Moreover, we plan to buy a sailboat and set out on an extended cruise around the world. Setting aside for a moment the issues of becoming competent sailors and foregoing the relative safety and comfort of life as a lubber and you've still got a pretty big hurdle to get over: money.

Indeed, it's going to take plenty of "freedom chips" to make this possible and we all know that a dollar doesn't go as far these days. Waitaminute, I'm pretty sure I've heard my grandfather use that expression. So how does a 30-something couple accomplish this? After all, we don't have a million dollars to our name.

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