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Selecting a Sailboat II

In the previous article we explored our list of requirements for selecting a sailboat. As it turns out, that list significantly narrows down the options available to us and for that we are thankful. Having applied our list of must-haves we're left with three salty blue-water "take you anywhere" sailing vessels: the Alajuela 38, Cape George 36 and Westsail 32.

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Selecting a Sailboat

A number of our friends have been asking what type of sailboat we'll be picking for life upon the water. Just start looking at YachtWorld or SailboatListings and you'll soon see that perusing the 28,000 odd sailboats listed between them is no small feat. If you scour the web you'd probably find another 30,000 sailboats for sale and then there are local listings to consider. With all these options how are we going to narrow things down to a managable list?

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